Home Inspector Found Evidence of Termite


Discovery of termites or any other Wood Destroying Insects during a home inspection does not mean the home is now ruined.

Termites of course if left untreated can be destructive over time and they must be treated but the presence of termites does not necessarily mean there is major structural damage to the home.

I have performed thousands of termite and pest inspections, I can tell you that finding evidence of termites during an inspection is not at all that unusual.


Finding termites during the buyer’s home inspection

Termites for the most part remain hidden so by the time a homeowner notices they have termite the damage is typically greater. So finding termite during the inspection will reduce the damage they cause had they gone undetected.

Termite treatments today are effective so having the home treated will stop the termites and should prevent any future re-occurrence of termite.

Typically during a real estate transaction the treatment cost and any visible structural damage can possibly be negotiated prior to purchase


Did you know?

Our termite inspection comes with our Exclusive One Year Treatment Warranty. Read More

We have treated hundreds of homes and buildings for termite and wood destroying insects, several of these treated homes and buildings have sold two and three times over in the past 30 years.

Evidence of termite has not affected the resale values of these structures. With the proper treatment termites can be eliminated within the structure.


This illustration indicates how the non-repellant treatment defense zone protects your home from recurring termite activity


The best defense for treating termites is a customized treatment plan that provides a combination of treatment techniques tailored to the specific construction style of your home. The first steps are to locate the termite entry points when possible, eliminate excessive moisture in these areas then customize a treatment plan may include utilizing liquid and foam non-repellent type termiticides in conjunction with monitoring bait stations placed at the structures exterior.

The customized treatment plan provides for a long-lasting treatment zone and is designed to successfully eliminate termite activity within the structure and substantially reduce or eliminate termite colonies.

Is there an odor after treatment?
With today's highly advanced products like Termidor and Premise, there is typically no odor after they are applied according to label.

Are termite chemicals a danger to our health?
Studies show that when EPA registered termiticides are applied according to label directions, no adverse health effects occur to persons applying the product or to occupants of the treated structure. 

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