Home Smoke Detectors

The majority of fatalities that occur in home fires happen at night when people are asleep.

Contrary to popular belief, the smell of smoke may not wake a sleeping person. Poisonous
 gases and smoke produced by a fire can numb the senses and quickly put you into a deeper

By sounding an alarm and alerting you and your family to a fire in time to escape,
household smoke detectors can cut your chances of dying in a home fire by approximately
 40 percent.

Selecting a Detector: Smoke detectors are available in a variety of brands and can be
purchased in hardware, department and discount stores. Make sure the detector you buy
has been approved and has been tested by the Underwriter's
 Laboratory (UL).

Battery-operated units are preferable to those that run on electric current.
 Make sure you have a battery back-up if you do purchase a detector which runs by

Installation: Smoke detectors should be installed in hallways just outside where the
bedrooms are located in single-story homes. A minimum of two detectors are recommended
for two-story homes. On the bottom floor, place it near the bedrooms. If there are no
bedrooms downstairs, detectors should be installed in or near living areas, dens or family
rooms. On the second floor, detectors should be placed just outside the bedrooms. Detectors
 should NOT be installed near kitchens or heat ducts where fumes could set off false alarms.


Whats in the air?


February 14, 2009 06:37

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is the current rating for furnace filter standards, MERV follows a scale of 0-20. The higher the number the better the ability for the filter to remove particles 1-12 microns in size.

The dust in your home is more than dust. It is composed of pollen, mold spores, plant spores, lint, bacteria, pet dander, skin cells and many other contaminants. Dusting, vacuuming and cooking indoors, can actually increase particulate concentrations. Can you imagine how much dust is currently flying about around you, without you even knowing it? This is what makes having an effective furnace filter so important. Proper filtration is the best way to remove dust, dirt and mold particles from the air. There are a number of different types of furnace filters that you can use to accomplish this.

Many furnace filters are disposable but there are also variations that are reusable or refillable in nature. Furnace filters also come in a variety of different materials, including natural fibers, manmade fibers, metal and fiberglass. The purpose of a furnace filter is to protect air-handling equipment, meaning that it is important that they are maintained or replaced exactly how the manufacturer recommends.
If you do not maintain or replace them as recommended by the manufacturer then they can become dangerous by restricting airflow and causing fires, carbon monoxide leaks, or worse.

Maintenance truly is key when it comes to getting the most out of your furnace filter. When filters become loaded with particles, there is less air flow capacity which cuts down on the efficiency of the filter and causes the rest of the machinery to work extra hard to operate.

Make sure to keep the manufacturer's instructions handy so you always know how to maintain and repair your furnace filter and other important furnace equipment. Our Home Inspection covers over 400 components including providing you with information, as to where the furnace filter is located and how to replace it.

Jan 3, 2016

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