Frequently Ask Questions


When should I request a home inspection?

If you are the buyer: The best time to order your Home Inspection is right after your offer to purchase has been excepted. Typically you will have a limited number of days to get all inspections complete. (Check with your Agent)

If you are the seller: The best time to order your Home Inspection is before your home goes on the market. However if your home is on the market now it’s still a good time to have a home inspection.

What is a request of remedy? A request of remedy is a part of some purchase contracts as to where you agree to buy the property contingent upon the inspection findings. Most real estate purchase contracts only provide 7 to 10 days for you to have all inspections complete. Once the inspections are complete and you have requested items to be repaired your Agent will submit this to the selling Agent. Not all purchase contracts contain this contingency clause. (Check with your Agent)

How long does the home inspection take? A typical size home (less then 2000 square feet) takes around two-hours to inspect for one inspector, often times we provide two inspectors on the house, as one is inspecting and reporting on the electrical outlets, windows and appliances Andy is preforming the main inspection with you, in this case the time for the inspection is less.

Should I attend the inspection? YES This is a great time for you to see your home from a professional inspectors view, walk with the inspector during the inspection, ask as many questions as you like. We provide you with additional information on your prospective home such as operating the systems with in the home, where and how the main utility shut off valves operate, furnace filter, electrical panel box and more.

Why did our Realtor refer your company? Our proven track record established over 30-years. The real estate agent that referred our services has typically done so in the past and over the years as their buyers buy and move in to the home they don’t get call backs claiming our inspection missed something.

Do you work for my best interests? All of our inspections are preformed with a buyers best interests and prospective in mind even our sellers inspection is preformed with the same approach, because we inspect the actual home and property based on the true facts it provides. Every home provides a history of how it was and is maintained and from our professional inspection, based on experience, wisdom and knowledge we are able to report and document on that history. The homes strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies, flaws and safety issues.

Can a property fail a home inspection? No. As a professional home inspector we never pass or fail a home, our duty is to inspect, evaluate and report on the current condition of the building and provide you with the information and findings that allow you to be a better-informed buyer. Should there be major repairs needed you may have an opportunity of having these negotiated prior to purchasing the home. (Check with your Agent)

Do you provide repair costs? While we do not make repairs. We are able to provide approximate costs for repairing anything found during the inspection.


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